‘Census well on course’

AS the Population and Housing Census (PHC) 2022 entered its second day on Wednesday, a record 17.13 per cent households out of the estimated 14 million countrywide had been covered by census enumerators as of on Wednesday morning.

The National Census Commissioner, Ms Anne Makinda, told journalists at a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the recorded percentage is above the target of 15 per cent, which had been set for the first day of the exercise which begun on Tuesday.

“The exercise is going on as planned and everyone will be counted. The census clerks will visit every household for the head count and no one will be left behind in the exercise during the remaining days,” the former Speaker of the National Assembly explained.

Ms Makinda elaborated that the exercise was a bit complicated compared to voting process, and thus urged members of the public to be patient as the clerks visit their homesteads to collect the required information.

“The census enumerators will visit every household and leave behind a form for preliminary information and set an appointment date for the counting. The heads of the households will then be contacted for their turn to provide the details to the clerks,” Ms Makinda explained.

Equally, she took the opportunity to urge regional and district census coordinators to provide dedicated mobile phone numbers through which, people who have not been counted or with any other enquiry can be further contact them for more details.

According to Ms Makinda, each census enumerator has been allocated 150 households in which he/she is supposed to count and collect details of itsfamily members within the seven days of the exercise, which is slated to come to an end on Monday.

“All clerks are supposed to start the counting exercise by as early as 06:00am and they are supposed to be accompanied by local leaders in the respective locality for their own safety and of their devices,” she directed.

Meanwhile, appearing on a special programme aired by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) on Wednesday, the National Coordinator of Population and Housing Census, Mr Seif Kuchengo, said the exercise had covered 2,350,000 households as of Tuesday.

The households which were covered had 10,260,000 people out of whom 48.3 per cent were men and 51.7 per cent were women, he explained.

“Our target was to reach out to at least 15 per cent of the intended population on the first day of the counting,” Mr Kuchengo explained during the television programme. According to Mr Kuchengo, the PHC this year targets to count between 61 and 64 million people across the country.

To make the exercise possible, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has deployed 185,000 census enumerators countrywide, who are equipped with tablets to enable them collect data electronically. “The exercise will take seven days and there is no reason to worry since everyone will be counted,” the NBS official explained.

Mr Kuchengo explained that the census clerks have the capacity to collect data from 15 households and thus translating to about 60 people per day.

During the first day of the exercise on Tuesday, three regions were on the lead with high number of people who were counted. The regions included Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Shinyanga.

However, he mentioned some of the challenges encountered during the first day of the PHC as tablets running out of power, since the census enumerators started the exercise just after midnight by counting special groups.

“The challenge has been solved and the tablets can now last with the charge for between eight and nine hours. What is more, we have distributed power banks to clerks in remote areas where there is no electricity,” he explained.

Adding; “Apart from the tablets, the clerks can as well use normal smartphones to collect and disseminate data into our system.”

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