CCM women celebrate Samia’s success

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi Women’s Wing, has celebrated remarkable achievements attained by the government in bringing development to the people and country in general, attributing the success to outstanding leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan for the past two years.

The Wing’s National Chairperson Ms Mary Chatanda noted the progress have been impressive, expressing their satisfaction over the effective execution of the CCM Election Manifesto of 2020/2025, which includes taking concrete measures in ensuring the economy of the country continue to grow amid all the global challenges comprising the war in Ukraine and impacts of Covid-19.

The successes were attributed during a special event organised by the CCM’s women wing to commemorate two-years anniversary of President Samia since assuming the reigns.

Among such achievements recorded during the event included setting the tone in Tanzania politics by strongly advocating for reconciliation as well as maintaining peace and order in the country.

The list also comprises implementation of basic social services ranging from the most crucial water projects, health, education and infrastructure across the country.

“We applaud your exemplary leadership within the two years in power…throughout you have demonstrated brave leadership,  despite the fact that you took the reins when the country and world was facing a big challenge of Covid-19 which led to deterioration of the economy,” said Ms Chatanda.

According to her, the President has on different occasions reiterated her 4Rs (Reconciliation, Resiliency, Reforms and Rebuilding) philosophies which she is using to lead the country.

The Chairperson outlined some initiatives taken by President Samia in arriving at the victories including okaying political rallies and meetings and her readiness for the country to acquire a new Constitution.

Such being the case, the world recently witnessed Tanzania making history by the Chairperson of the ruling party and President’s gesture to grace the main opposition-BAWACHA International Women’s Day gathering.

Through the gesture, President Samia demonstrated to the world that politics was not enmity, applauding their counterparts BAWACHA for taking note of her remarkable leadership which triggered them to award the good course.

She disclosed that the wing was emulating her philosophy and walking in her footsteps the reason they have invited their counterparts from various political parties in yesterday’s event.

In the legal fraternity, she noted that Dr Samia has played a critical role in the protection and supervision of justice, quoting her that ‘justice is not a gift and where there was no justice, peace cannot prevail’.

Ms Chatanda hinted that a society where there is no peace, in most cases the most affected are usually women and children.

Also, the UWT leader extended recognition to the President for being a strong contender of gender equality, noting while addressing the General Assembly in April 2021 she had pledged to continue carrying out the appointment of women in arriving at a 50-50 gender parity.

Such is a strong belief that President Samia has held high that women can as it has been witnessed through the many women, who have acquired top decision-making positions within the party and government.

As such UWT awarded her for walking the talk of the agenda of gender equality, pledging to take up the role of promoting gender equality instead of leaving the task to the President alone.

UWT has set measures to encourage more women to vie for the various leadership posts in local government elections and general election in 2025.

She called upon her counterparts in other CCM wings to collaborate in encouraging more women to vie for positions.

She inquired that laws pertaining to political parties and elections be reviewed to give room for a certain percentage of women to contest for various posts.

Besides, they requested the President to ensure more women accumulate in the anticipated Constitution process, while taking into account that women account for more than 51 per cent of the population.

Earlier, UWT Secretary General Ms Philis Nyimbi recorded the achievements of the government under President Samia including the increase of capitation grants from 20bn/- to 28bn/- annually in both primary and secondary schools, allowing for many children to access quality education.

Similarly, President Samia increased higher learning student’s stipends from the previous 8,500/- to 10,000 /- to meet their day to day college needs on the road to serve their country.

Other areas include execution of key strategic projects like the Standard Gauge Railway taking over from Lot 2 and managing to scale up the project up to Lot 5.

Among others include rolling out water projects across the country, whereby through the Covid-19 relief funds the President has succeeded to fulfill her goal of relieving women from water woes, something which has reduced family grievances among others.

Countrywide rural electrification, infrastructure development and economic women empowerment are among other plus.

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