CCM warns leadership aspirants 

TANGA: THE ruling CCM has ushered in the New Year with a strong warning to its members aspiring leadership positions in the upcoming elections, saying it will not tolerate people who divide members by creating campaign teams before the time allotted for campaigns.

The warning was issued by Regional CCM Chairman, Ustaadh Rajab Abdallah during a meeting of the Party’s Tanga District Executive Committee over the weekend.

Ustaadh Abdallah said he would not tolerate people who divide the party by starting unnecessary inner conflicts due to failure to follow established procedures.

“We must ask ourselves why, every time we approach elections, there are conflicts within the party. The answer is that some people do not wish to follow established methods. I will not blink or mince words for those who seek to divide the party,” he declared.

He explained that the time is yet to come for those in need of leadership positions. He asked individuals who currently hold positions of leadership to stop making others believe they have no right to run for those positions.

He asked people to leave those who are in positions right now, including the Chairmen of Streets, Villages, Townships, Councillors and Members of Parliament to continue working until the election time comes.

“When the time comes, the government will announce and at that time everyone has the right to choose and be elected. At that time we should not be ashamed of those leaders who did not fulfil their responsibilities such as calling meetings according to the procedures,” he said.

He warned people should not choose leaders for their interests and should stop choosing candidates just for personal hatred.

Ustaadh Abdallah also discussed the need for the party or the government to accept criticism, stating that this is the only way to build those institutions by working on issues posed in a manner of critics.

He urged members and residents, especially religious leaders, to correct leaders such as legislators when they make mistakes.

The party announced its programme during a rally following the meeting, stating it was preparing for the next elections, which they hoped to win by a landslide.

He stated that the government of Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has put billions of money into numerous projects aimed at improving people’s lives.

He pointed out that the region receives 1.5bn/- per month for implementing the free education programme, and that billions of dollars have been put into improving health services, including the development of the Regional Referral Hospital at Bombo in Tanga City, which now includes CT scan and dialysis services.

Meanwhile, Tanga City Lord Mayor has stated that the Council has already set aside 3bn/- in preparation for the government announcement of lifting the government’s temporary suspension of the 10 per cent credit window for youths, women and persons with disabilities.

He further stated that the government subventions to the City Council have increased by 184 per cent from 11bn/ during the Fifth Phase Government to 220bn/- during the Sixth Phase Government.

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