CCM wants restrictions on Tanzanite sales reviewed

ARUSHA: CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary General, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi, has directed the Ministry of Minerals to work on restrictions that prohibit sale of tanzanite gemstones outside extraction areas.

He said the restrictions posed difficulties to youth who want to engage in the business.

Dr Nchimbi issued these instructions on Monday while addressing Arusha residents at a rally held in Kilombero market, as he concluded his two-day tour of the region.

He issued the directives in response to complaints raised by Arusha Member of Parliament (CCM) Mrisho Gambo, who said that the restriction on selling Tanzanite has caused many young people to face unemployment challenges.

“Your MP has mentioned one of the key issues regarding minerals especially Tanzanite gemstones, which are prohibited from being sold outside the mining areas. I want to assure you that we have taken note of this concern and we will make sure that the problem is rectified,” said Dr Nchimbi.

He noted that the restriction which requires the gemstones to be sold within the mining area denies Tanzanian youngsters the opportunity to benefit from their country’s resources, while benefiting neighboring countries such as Kenya, where the gemstones are sold without restrictions.

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“I have been informed that in other areas, if you manage to escape with Tanzanite and enter Kenya, you are free to sell it. So, the only place where you cannot sell it is here in Tanzania.

This is not right, it hinders Tanzanian youth from engaging in the Tanzanite business,” he said. Dr Nchimbi further said “I call upon the Minister for Minerals, wherever he may be, to take these as the directives of Chama Cha Mapinduzi and work on the concern immediately.”

He also insisted that the government and party leaders in the country should listen to and resolve the problems facing citizens.

Dr Nchimbi said that resolving people’s problems is an essential part of fulfilling their responsibilities as leaders, and that they should not evade or ignore them, rather listen to and if they fail to resolve them to take them to higher authorities or tell the citizens the truth.

“Anyone who considers himself a leader in our country must understand that citizens’ complaints are their responsibility. A leader should not avoid people’s problems rather use all available means to resolve them,” he said.

Furthermore, Dr Nchimbi decried the habit of some leaders to disregard traders in market areas and deny them spaces when markets are being constructed noting that such behavior is not healthy for the nation.

For his part, Arusha Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda, said that since taking the office in the region, he has encountered some leaders who are unwilling to fulfill their duties and engage in corruption instead of serving the citizens.

He stated that as a result of such behavior, many citizens have suffered in various areas, including land disputes and business matters.

“I’ve discovered that our region has unpatriotic and uncommitted public personnel who indulge in corruption rather than serving the community.

The majority of them prioritize their personal interests over the interests of the public who elected the government.

“I have asked President Samia to allow me to address these issues until justice is served,” Makonda stated. He further said that “I assure you that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that the development plans outlined in the CCM manifesto under Dr Samia benefit every citizen of the Arusha Region.”

Moreover, Mr Makonda pointed out that in 2023-2024 fiscal year, the government allocated about 7.5bn/- out of the requested 7.9bn/-, for Arusha City Council which is equivalent to 98 per cent, to implement development projects.

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