CCM in Mwanza explains importance of tree planting campaign

CCM’s National Executive Committee (NEC) member, Velji Aminmohamed, has said the ongoing party’s campaign to plant trees in Mwanza was a key step towards restoring and protecting of environment.

Mr Aminmohamed, who doubles as member of the CCM parents’ wing, said the campaign will be successful due to efforts, cooperation and unity among the member.

He told the “Daily News” recently during when the party’s parents wing in Mwanza joined other members to commemorate the 46th party’s anniversary by planting trees.

He said marking the anniversary by planting trees was an important move considering the effects of the climate change which include effects on rains patterns and agricultural production.

Mr Aminmohamed noted that CCM Parents Wing in Mwanza Region planted trees in advocating for environment conservation, a move which will enable restoring the vegetation lost due to various human activities overgrazing, tree cutting and industrial carbon emissions.

“We mark our anniversary by planting trees, we need our country to go green, we need enough rains for our agricultural crops,” said Mr Velji, Member of the CCM’s Parent Wing.

He further called for continued cooperation and solidarity among party members in order to increase efficiency of the party’s parent wing services delivery to citizens.

For her party, CCM’s Parent Wing Regional Secretary, Ms Dotto Omary, said the tree planting campaign during the commemoration of the party anniversary should be emulated by all citizens regardless of political ideologies because environment protection required concerted efforts from all people.

She urged citizens to plant at least three trees or more including fruit trees at their residences during the rain seasons.

Ms Omary said 500 tree seedlings were planted at Shishani Health Centre during the commemoration of the CCM’s 46 Year Anniversary which was regionally held in Magu District.

CCM’s Parent Wing Chair, Mr Mohammed Lukonge urged citizens to make sure they take care of planted trees.

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