CCM enhances top meeting participation

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kicked off its 10th National Congress on Wednesday in the political capital of Dodoma, with members electing top leaders including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and members of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Gracing the opening ceremony of the two-day meeting that ends today, President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who is the party’s chairperson said the party had exhibited political maturity in the African continent as she insisted that during the intra-party election, CCM had considered transparency, independency and all rights as per the party’s constitution.

Delegates started arriving at the famous Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre (JKCC) as early as 6am in the morning as Dodoma experienced a perennial traffic gridlock for the better part of day.

Out of 1,934 total NEC members, about 1,928 members attended the meeting (equal to 99.6percent) meaning the quorum was fully attained.

Outside the JKCC, there was jubilation as supporters of those vying for NEC membership displayed placards bearing the names of their candidates they wished to be elected.

Unlike in the previous time, NEC members are now 40 with both sides of the union sharing 20 positions respectively. Initially before the party’s constitutional changes, both sides of the union shared 15 positions equally.

Several vehicles in the capital city were seen with pictures of those aspiring to be elected as NEC members.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, the Party’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Shaka Hamdu Shaka said that for the first time, his party had exhibited political maturity with many members showing interests in vying for several positions.

“We had never witnessed this big number of about 2,149 members showing interest in vying for NEC positions,’’ he said, adding that those from Zanzibar were 554, therefore making the total number to be 2,703.

According to the party’s spokesperson, out of all the contestants those who were endorsed in the mainland, 172 were males and 76 were females, while in the Isles men were 68 while women were 55.

The country’s Capital was buzzing as businesspersons got enough time to mint cash, at the JKCC. Food and drinks vendors were all smiling as delegates spent money at different pavilions.

Those doing business in town had other reasons to smile as they got an opportunity to sell their items for a better part of the day.

CCM’s traditional attire of yellow and green was one of the most trending businesses in town.

In the course, Dodoma Central Business District (CBD) temporality became a sea of green and yellow by the day as preparations of the meeting started.

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