CCCC, Confucius Institute welcomes ‘Year of the Dragon’ in Dar

DAR ES SALAAM: The vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere, dotted with Red lanterns, Year of the Dragon decorations coupled with festive music ,captivated the over 200 attendees in Dar Es Salaam, who gathered to celebrate this year’s Spring Festival organized at the university of Dar Es Salaam.

The Colourful “Dragon –themed event , which coincides with the 60th anniversary between  China and Tanzania in bilateral collaboration showcased a flamboyant display of the Chinese culture through food, music, dance and drumming.

The gala, dubbed “Confucius Institute Spring Festival Gala 2024 Food Carnival “organized in collaboration with  the China Communications Construction Company,(CCCC) aimed at  celebrating the traditional Chinese Spring Festival ,showcasing  a unique opportunity to experience a fusion of Chinese delicacies, traditional favorites, and innovative culinary creations.

Lion Dance from the Confucius Institute, who officially out doored the Traditional Chinese Cuisine, explained  that the annual event has fostered the growing interest in Chinese culture and cuisine in Tanzania, stressing that  the event has further strengthen  the bonds of friendship  and cooperation  between China and Tanzania.

Attendees were treated to traditional Chinese Spring Festival with a unique twist, incorporating a diverse array of Chinese cultural performances, interesting lottery games as they savored a wide variety of Chinese dishes.

Speaking  at the event, Chen Jian ,the Executive General Manager Of Tanzania Branch Of China Communications Construction Company(CCCC), expressed his delight at the opportunity to bring together elements of Chinese and Tanzanian culture, fostering greater understanding and appreciation between the two nations. Chen Jian, also highlighted the strong cultural exchange between China and Tanzania, that has fostered greater understanding and appreciation between the two nations over the years.

“by celebrating the Chinese New Year together, we not only honor the Chinese community, but also foster a sense of unity amongst all of us. Education is a powerful tool that breaks down boundaries and broadens horizons. It enables us to embrace different cultures, traditions and perspectives, promoting a global mindset that is essential in today’s interconnected world,” he said.

Chen Jian ,the Executive General Manager Of Tanzania Branch Of China Communications Construction Company(CCCC)

Chen Jian,also  believes ,the collaboration between the Confucius Institute and the China Communications Construction Company exemplified the spirit of cultural exchange and cooperation.

Professor  Aldin  Kai Mutembei, lecture at the Department of Literature and Communication and Publishing, -University of Dar Es Salaam, is of the believe that  the Spring Festival  event which has been celebrated in Tanzania for 14 years has hugely  improved Tanzanian people’s understanding of Chinese culture and provided Tanzanians with the opportunity to share the joy of the Chinese New Year.

He also commended the China Communication and Construction Company (CCCC) for their many years of laudable contribution in Tanzania since it inception in 2009.

Source: Media Wire Express

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