CCBRT Hospital appeals for more support to reach more Tanzanians

DAR ES SALAAM: CCBRT Hospital has appealed for more support from various stakeholders in order to reach more people in terms of services provided at the facility.

The appeal was made on Thursday by CCBRT Chief Executive Officer, Ms Brenda Msangi in an event organised by the hospital to express gratitude to various individual stakeholders from different parts of the country, for their continued support in serving vulnerable Tanzanians with various health challenges.

She said that with the efforts made by the hospital to provide service to Tanzanians with various health challenges, it has not reached majority of Tanzanians in need of the services.

“CCBRT provides specialised health services to vulnerable Tanzanians, including children born with congenital deformities. We are immensely grateful for the incredible generosity of our donors.

“Your support has directly translated into changing the lives of thousands of children and their families. Your belief in our mission drives us to strive for excellence and to continue making a positive difference in our community,” she said.

Despite CCBRT’s efforts to provide affordable care to as many Tanzanians as possible, barriers of access (cost, scarcity of services and distance) mean essential care is still out of reach for many Tanzanians in need of care. CCBRT strives to expand access to services for vulnerable patients, while seeking support from various stakeholders who are willing to support this noble cause.

“Our stakeholders include donor organisations, corporate partners, SMEs and individual givers. This demonstrates the saying that “Giving is a heartfelt act, not a measure of one’s wealth.

“It is not necessary to be a large company or a wealthy person to be able to give, no, any donation, no matter the quantity anybody can make a big difference in the lives of those in need at our hospital.

“Many times, we have witnessed individuals, groups, and your institutions come here with various gifts for our patients, such as soap, sanitary pads, patient uniforms, bed sheets, Khanga, mosquito repellents, slippers, food and so much more, your generosity frees up funds that we would otherwise have to spend on basic necessities, allowing us to address more pressing medical needs,” she said.

Ms Msangi noted that every year, approximately 3,000 women in Tanzania develop obstetric fistula, and that despite being a major provider of fistula treatment in the country, CCBRT can only reach an average of 450-500 women per year, leaving over 2,500 women suffering from the devastating condition.

She also said that approximately 2,500 children in Tanzania are born with cleft lip each year. However, many of the children are unable to access treatment due to financial constraints. CCBRT offers free treatment to around 200 children and adults every year.

“Similar challenges exist in addressing clubfoot, another disability affecting approximately 2,200 newborns in Tanzania each year. CCBRT is able to reach and treat around 400 children annually,” she said.

Ms Msangi mentioned other health complications treated at the hospital as eye cataract and prosthetic eyes, as well as provision of assistive devices, wheelchair and other equipment which have posed a challenge in providing the essential tools to Tanzanians with disabilities.

Ms Msangi said in addition to looking for various stakeholders to partner with in the services we provide, the hospital has initiated private services where patients who can afford to pay do so by cash or insurance and part of the income generated is re-invested to help those who cannot afford to pay.

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