CCAA marks five years of promoting business landscape

TANZANIA : THE Consumer Choice Awards Africa (CCAA) is commemorating five years of promoting business landscape that have contributed greatly to quality improvement of goods and services.

The organiser of the awards, Ms Diana Simon said that the CCAA is celebrating five successful years of igniting the business market.

“Every year, we witness remarkable progress from participating companies, confirming that these awards have had a significant impact on the quality of products and services offered to customers,” she said.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tan Trade for their tremendous efforts in making these awards successful and ensuring they remain robust.

These awards have gone through a government-led process and they have overseen it,” she added.

She urged that, “They have recognised the importance of these awards in promoting business and ensuring excellence in companies and they have provided valuable support to ensure that the award process is fair and transparent,”d Technology (COSTECH).

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