Car assembling factory urged to compete regionally

The GFA Vehicle Assemblers Limited have been encouraged to participate in a quality competition organised by the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The advice was given by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Director General Dr Athuman Ngenya, recently after handing over an award to the company for emerging the winner in the category of the best company of the year in the National Quality Awards Competition 2022/23.

The awards aim to recognise and appreciate organisations and individuals, who are contributing to quality advancement in all sectors of the nation, by having measurement and quality systems, procedures and processes that are in line with local, regional and international practices and who use quality advancement to support national and regional economic development and growth.

Dr Ngenya explained that for companies to win in the competition means they qualify to take part in the SADC competition.

He assured the Kibaha-based GF Vehicle Assemblers Limited that the TBS would cooperate with it to represent the country in the SADC competition.

The Company’s General Manager, Mr Ezra Mereng said they were pleased and motivated to win the award since it was for the first time the company participated in the competition.

“The prize inspires us to continue working hard to make us participate in the international quality competition that would drive us to assemble more quality vehicles for the international market,” he said.

On his part, Company’s Executive Director Mr Imrani Karmal appreciated the workers of the factory for their solidarity which has been a catalyst for the good performance of the industry.

Mr Karmal further welcomed advice from the TBS wanting them to participate in the SADC quality competition.

On other hand, he said due to the existing friendly investment environment and good cooperation from the government, the factory was implementing its second phase of expansion to enable it to assemble both trucks and small vehicles.

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