Cambodia PM threatens Facebook ban after posts ruled violent

Cambodia’s leader Hun Sen has quit Facebook and threatened to block it in his country after the platform’s oversight board recommended he be suspended for six months.

Hun Sen had called for violence against his political opponents in a video in January which was viewed 600,000 times.

His move comes days before he launches a re-election campaign to extend his 38-year-long rule.

Hun Sen was a prolific Facebook user and his page had 14 million followers.

After he left the platform on Thursday, he also threatened to block Facebook in the country.

Talking to garment workers in Pursat province on Friday, he warned he could at any time block the platform “for a short period or forever” to prevent exiled opposition politicians from talking to the country’s citizens.

“Don’t be arrogant, you guys are staying overseas, you are using Facebook for communications, we could block Facebook,” he threatened in comments aimed at opponents.

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