Cambiasso boss drug trafficking case still hot

THE defence side in the drug trafficking case facing the owner of the Cambiasso Sports Centere, Kambi Zubery and his five colleagues has raised complaints about an investigation delay in the trial.

The defence lawyer, Advocate Daudi Mzeli, said this yesterday at Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam before the Principal Resident Magistrate, Mary Mrio, when the case came up for a mention.

Mzeli claimed that the proceedings in the case have been slow and have led to many adjournments due to an incomplete investigation since November until now, five months after his clients were placed in custody.

“The investigation is taking too long, your honour.” The prosecution should speed up the investigations so that my client can know the fate of their case,” lamented advocate Mzeli, defending Kambi Zubery and accused number 6 in the matter.

Parallel to that, the case was called today to complete the request of the accused, Said Abeid, who asked to meet his wife to discuss the future of their children’s upbringing while he is in custody—a request that the Magistrate approved.

The last time the case was mentioned, the prosecution claimed that the investigations had not been completed and advised the accused to remain on remand until March 30th.

Taking the stand at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate Court, the State Attorney, Caroline Matemu, before the Principal Resident Magistrate, Mary Mrio, further said the case only came up for a mention.

Elaborating, she stressed that witnesses and exhibits tied to the case would be presented once the investigation is complete.

The other person accused in the case is the former goalkeeping coach of Simba, Muharami Sultan, Maulid Zungu, Said Mwantiko, John Andrew, and Sarah Joseph, all residents of Dar es Salaam.

The prosecution claims that all the defendants are facing two charges of drug trafficking. In the first count, it was alleged that on October 27th, last year, at the Kivule area in Ilala District, Dar es Salaam, the accused were found with heroin drugs weighing 27.10 kilograms.

In the second charge, the suspects were found on November 4th, last year, at Kamegele Mkuranga in the Coast region with neurotic drugs weighing 7.79 kilograms.

The case is adjourned to April 13th this year.

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