Call to support families ready to leave Ngorongoro

Government has been urged to help families of those willing to be relocated from Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), even if one member refuses.

A resident of Eyasi located in Ngorongoro District, Kidori Tarabeta has made the plea insisting on the state to transfer them outside the Ngorongoro territory.

He says initially, he together with his wife and three children willingly registered to be relocated to Msomera situated in Handeni District, Tanga.

“Over all of a sudden, my wife left with our three children only to return back with two of them as the other passed on.

“She is being convinced not to leave this place but I am ready to be transferred to Tanga,” he says.

He adds: “I am a man, head of the family responsible to take care of my family but I am being denied to leave just because my wife is declining.

“Government should help us on this issue such that if one member of the family refuses to leave, the one who is ready should be transferred to Msomela.”

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