Call: give orphans love, affection to make them happy

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Shree Hindu Mahila Mandal has appealed for love, affection and care for the orphans in order to make them happy.

The association, which started in 1930 believes in giving back to the society. Secretary of the association, Ms Mala Sampat, made the plea over the weekend at an event to hand over donation to ‘Yatima Group Trust Fund’ as well as entertaining and giving food to the orphans.

The charity event was held at the city centre at the organisation’s office where about 80 orphans from the centre gathered. Ms Sampat explained that among other things, they donated blankets, rice, sugar, kitchen utensils and other items worth over 15m/-.

Members of the association’s committee contributed individually to the donation. On her part, Ms Varsha Kotecha, assistant secretary of the Shree Hindu Mahila Mandal, said: “Every year we convene orphans at our organisation’s premises and we entertain them, we give them food.” Ms Kotecha noted that since established in 1930, the Shree Hindu Mahila Mandal has maintained a strong legacy of charitable work and community involvement throughout its existence. With an active participation in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavours, the organisation exemplifies its dedication to the betterment of society.

“One particular tradition involves extending warm invitations to children from the Yateem orphanage every year, allowing them to take part in a festive day of celebration. “This year, we have made a donation of food items and blankets worth 15m/-.

This long-standing practice has not only nurtured a sense of unity but has also brought hope and happiness to those who have faced adversity,” she explained.

Meanwhile, she said, they soon are going to introduce a programme for supporting underprivileged women.

“Through the envisaged women empowerment programme we will teach them how to make snacks and sell, the profit they would get from the snacks they would use for their living. It will be launched in January, next year,” she said.

She said the programme will start with small number of women like 25 women in the Dar es Salaam then will increase later. Mr Haruna Mtandika, treasurer of the Yatima Group Trust Fund, commended that the event was important for the children who also needed to be happy.

Speaking about challenges they face, he said the centre struggles to pay for school fees and buy food items for the children, hence called for good Samaritans to support.

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