CAG embarks on capacity building for its employees

ZANZIBAR’s Office of Controller and Auditor General (CAG) has embarked on capacity building for its employees ahead of “real time” audit of all development projects in the country.

Minister of State, President’s Office, Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance Haroun Ali Suleiman told the House of Representatives here on Monday that real time audit requires specialised skills, which the CAG office currently lacks.

He however said the audit is crucial for timely identification of and fixing all anomalies in the execution of development projects to ensure the country gets value for money.

Answering a question by Wawi Representative Bakar Hamad Bakar, who wanted to know when the CAG office will start real time audit in development projects, the minister informed the house that CAG intends to commence the specialised audit soon after capacity building to the professionals.

Minister Haroun said the CAG office has been conducting various financial audits in ministries and public institutions using national and international audit guidelines. He however said the office faces skill shortage in some specialised audits, including “real time” that entails auditing of all stages of project execution.

He said Zanzibar CAG is working closely with the relatively more skilled National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT) to equip the isles auditors with the relevant skills.

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