CAF ethics course benefits 22 sports writers

TWENTY two young sportswriters have benefited from football reporting ethics course jointly conducted by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and officials from Confederation of African football (CAF).

The special training that also involved photographers from various media outlets insisted on ethics of reporting football in writing and photographing.

Held at TFF Centre at Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam, the course was conducted by a trainer from CAF, Phil Andrew.

Speaking during the training TFF  President Wallace Karia said CAF has set up a system that conducts training to young reporters as to develop their reporting skills while observing reporting ethics.

“We TFF have implemented the CAF directives and we have done the one-day training to 22 sportswriters as we believe it will build them in the fundamentals and morals of reporting,” he said.

Adding he said: “After the training, the federation and CAF will be monitoring these trainees more closely.”

Adding, he said TFF is also setting up a programme so that it can prepare seminars for young reporters to enable them report well some matches of CAF-governed tournament.

Additionally, the trainer Phil Andrew said he was delighted to conduct the seminar as par CAF guidance.

He said everything went on well and the whole training ended with a huge success.

“We will continue to give them this kind of training so that they know what CAF sees as the right way to inform the audience in terms of sports, especially football in general,” he said.

Sportswriters who attended the course thanked TFF and CAF for the course because it has helped them in developing reporting and photographing skills.

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