Businesspersons told to report directly to Minister

TANZANIA: Business people will now report directly to the Industry and Trade Minister Dr Ashatu Kijaji in case of any impediment encountered in their business undertakings.

The move comes as some government institutions are alleged to harass business people by closing their shops and industries instead of finding better way to address challenges.

To ensure business operations continue smoothly, Dr Kijaji told business people to contact her through her mobile phone in twenty four seven in case they are harassed by such institutions.

“I would like to emphasise all government regulatory authorities to allow businesses to continue to operate while the process of dealing with any challenge that emerged is proceeding.

Even if there is something we do not agree with, we have no reason to stop business operations, because by doing so we weaken the country’s economy,” she said.

Dr Kijaji said this over the weekend during the exhibition organised by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) to create awareness of the importance of formalising their businesses.

β€œTo close businesses means you weaken the growth of the economy. Business people … my phone is open 24 hours a day for any of my institutions that come to close your business even if it’s midnight.

Let me know and I will deal with it so that you can continue with your businesses,” Dr Kijaji said.

She said despite putting clear that the government is not going to close businesses but there are some of its institutions still continuing to do so.

“If there is any problem, call the person responsible and sit with him and let the economic activity continue to create jobs for our youth to contribute to the growth of the nation,” Dr Kijaji said.

She said there is no need to close the businesses since the government created a system that enables various government institutions and systems to communicate and exchange information easily and securely.

Further she said there is no reason to move and carry documents from BRELA to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) as well as Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) or anywhere else.

The system is enabled to send information from one office to another while there is one stop centre.

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