Business in Kariakoo set for 24 hours

DAR ES SALAAM:THE Dar es Salaam regional authority has urged traders in the Kariakoo area to prepare themselves before starting doing business for 24 hours.

“We want our people to do business all the time and thus changing business attitudes and mentality including learning how our fellow countries do business day and night,” the Dar es Salaam Administrative Secretary (RAS), Ms Rehema Madenge told the ‘Daily News’ on Thursday.

Ms Madenge said business people need to prepare psychologically to be able to do business in 24 hours as well as providing quality products.

She said the government creates an easy and conducive environment to do business in 24 hours with consideration of cleanliness, light as well as security.

“We ask our traders to consider the entire cleaning issues because the region is creating and maintaining a good system to make the surrounding environment clean,” she said.

The RAS made the plea while inspecting the progress of the construction of the Kariakoo market where she said it has reached more than 91 per cent and is expected to be completed this year.


“As Tanzanians we do not have an experience of doing business day and night like other countries, so traders should have this mentality that they are going to practice the 24 hours business,” said Ms Madenge.

She said that after the market is completed the place will be busy with business interaction and help the local and in particular foreign traders who would like to spend a few days to buy goods and go back.

RAS said Kariakoo as the largest market in East and Central Africa is a ‘Dubai of Tanzania.’ The popular market serves East and Central African and it is a major contributor to Dar es Salaam and the country’s economy.

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