Business community urged to capitalise on opportunities outside Tanzania

TANZANIA Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) has encouraged Tanzania business people to take advantage of business opportunities outside the country to expand and increase the scope of business.

The call was made by the TCCIA Vice President (Industry), Mr Clement Bocco at the business people seminar in Dar es Salaam recently.

“I strongly urge business people to be able to participate in applying for UN tenders so that we can do business abroad, as the president says she opens up the country, so let us help her by going abroad,” said Mr Bocco

He noted that the two-day seminar would enable participants on way to do business internationally, as the participation of Tanzanian businessmen globally is limited.

Either he urged them to make good use of the training to ensure that the methods of international tendering are successful.

Mr Bocco said that TCCIA will ensure that it has helped business people to go globally since it is just the beginning and the beginning and that it will continue to provide education and methods to tender internationally so that many Tanzanians can succeed in doing business internationally.

“As TCCIA, we play a big role to make sure that we help those business people to obtain the opportunities globally,” Mr Bocco said.

He said that to ensure international tendering education reaches all business people they plan to set up desks in every region to reach and teach business people.

Mr Bocco said more than 170 businessmen participated in the seminar that was organised by the National Defense (NDC) in collaboration with the UN.

The vice president said they will make sure they will reach between 500 to 1000 businessmen from the 170 who participated in the seminar next year.

On his part, the Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF) Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Salum Othman commended the business community for taking part in the seminar since it is not only for their benefit as well as for the betterment of the country.

This is a good start and we hope the seminar will come up with a good output by seeing Tanzanian businessmen providing services to the UN missions we serve,” Lieutenant Gen Othman said.

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