Bunge wants probe team to follow up resolution

DODOMA: MEMBERS of Parliament have suggested the formation of a committee of inquiry to probe and follow up on the resolutions reached by the National Assembly with regard to the Controller and Auditor General’s report on public fund embezzlement.

Debating the findings of the technical audit report by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (PAC), Local Authority Accounts Committee (LAAC), Public Investment Committee (PIC), Simanjaro MP Christopher Ole Sendeka (CCM) said there is no doubt that the CAG report shows clearly that there is mismanagement and occasioning loss of public funds for quite a long time now.

He noted that the CAG report of 2021/2022 and those of previous years, identified the offenders as public servants.

“My appeal is to request the Parliament to approve the formation of a committee of probing and making follow up on the resolutions reached by the House along with the measures taken against those implicated in the matter,” said Mr Sendeka.

He added “We want to find out whether these people are still in offices or have already been sacked. The MP explained that the move will help the August House, the Speaker and the country in general to ensure all culprits are held responsible.

He said the parliament needs to fulfill its watchdog role by ensuring taxpayers funds reach to the destined points.

“It does not make sense, the house and cabinet have reached a decision like that of the Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO) of procuring shares but yet the activities of the company have not been handed over to the government under the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA),” said the MP indicating that there were many questions on the matter.

According to him, it should be understood that good leaders should not be in the middle of dilemmas of making good decisions for the country.

He noted that there is a section of people implicated in the various cases but are still on the streets, indicating that in the coming meeting he will be forced to reveal names of people behind corrupt and theft acts.

Rorya MP, Jafari Chege (CCM) also advocated for the establishment of a system that will help in making a follow-up on case proceedings, which have been filed by the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), stressing that such move will fast-track measures against people who are being implicated in corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

In his submissions, Mr Chege required the responsible ministry to notify the house on the whereabouts of 11bn/- accumulated by point of sale (POS) machines but had not been deposited in the bank during the audit.

He wanted to know disciplinary measures taken on the matter. Bunda Rural Legislator Mwita Getere (CCM) also suggested the establishment of a committee which will oversee the implementation of the parliamentarians resolutions on the CAGs technical audit reports.

“In the coming National Assembly meeting we are going to see whether the passed resolutions have been passed if not nothing will transpire.

Prior to this it amounts to nothing,” he said. Special Seats MP Kunti Majala (CHADEMA) was of the view that workers in the councils that fail to collect revenues should vacate and give opportunity to competent people to fill their positions.

“We have a number of youths who are searching for jobs, yet others are squandering public funds and no action is being taken against them… we are not doing justice to the country and people of this country,” said Ms Majala.

On the other hand, Nanyamba MP Abdallah Chikota (CCM) recommended that the Local Government Authority Legislation be amended, giving powers to some leaders to take action.

“The changes will empower our Regional Administrative Secretaries (RAS), Regional Commissioners and among others in our local governments this will help to ensure those going astray to be dealt with instead of being transferred to new working stations,” he noted.

Mbozi Legislator George Mwenisongole (CCM) pointed out that before the meeting comes to an end, the National Assembly should bring a bill for the formation of a law that will require the government to table the implementation report immediately after the CAG report is released.

He said the report must show how the government is planning to implement the recommendations, the committees decisions and resolutions of the house within three months after the release of the report.

He observed that by not showing the implementation of these reports, work

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