Bunge Marathon Tournament officially launched

DODOMA: PARLIAMENT has officially launched the Bunge Marathon tournament, aiming at introducing a fund-raising basket to be used for special purposes.

The competitions will kick off on April 13th, 2024, according to Speaker of the National Assembly, Tulia Ackson.

Speaking during the launch, Speaker Tulia said the competition will be an annual event featuring Members of Parliament and other officials working for the Parliament.

“The special marathon will also feature different groups of various sex, age and status, among other factors, with aim of promoting networking, happiness and unity among the people,” said Tulia.

In line with the above, the open marathon games will create room for members of the public to engage with their MPs, Parliament officials, sports fanatics and various stakeholders from within and outside the country.

According to her, the game will also act as a chance for the lawmakers to prepare themselves to take part at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) games through the Parliament Sports Club and the Inter-Ministerial Sports Federation Games (SHIMIWI) for the Bunge officials only.

Aside from the marathon, the Parliament also runs the Bunge Bonanza that brings together legislators and Bunge officials, the goal being to make them physically fit while maintaining good health status.

Such move has helped the Parliament to cut down the costs of treatment of the MPs and the officials.

Speaker Tulia observed that it was not the first time they are mobilizing funds for community development, indicating that the previous initiative involved raising funds for the construction of a science girls’ secondary school.

Equally, the Parliamentarians had taken part in a campaign to raise funds for the procurement of school desks, indicating that 6bn/- was generated for the purpose in facilitating public schools with crucial learning tools.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Bunge Bonanza Committee, Festo Sanga, observed that since January this year, the Parliament has already conducted three bonanzas.

He supported the views of Speaker Tulia that the marathon was introduced to promote physical exercises among the MPs and other officials in strengthening their health’s and well-being.

“The Speaker had directed the committee to coordinate the process of registering the marathon under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports as per the requirement of the law making the race an international one.

He called upon more stakeholders to support the Bunge Marathon Bonanza for for the country to benefit from its envisioned goals.

“On January next year the committee eyes to hosts a big bonanza which will involve MPs and Bunge official who fans of the two giant football teams Yanga and Simba battling each other on the sports field,” noted the Chairman.


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