Bukoba DC records success in Covid-19 vaccination

A TOTAL of 192,384 residents in Bukoba District Council have been vaccinated against Covid-19, implying 92.6 per cent performance, it has been revealed.

Bukoba DC Vaccines Co-Ordinator, Mr Yohana Buluba, explained that the vaccination target for 2022/2023 period was 207,656 people.

“We are happy that until December 1, this year at least 192,384 residents in Bukoba District Council had been vaccinated against Covid-19, implying 92.6 per cent performance,” he said.

He explained that out of the number, 107,735 were females (51.8 per cent) while 84,646 were males (40.7 per cent).

Meanwhile, Bukoba District Commissioner (DC) Mr Moses Machali has appealed to residents and all Tanzanians to take precaution against HIV/AIDS, saying the disease is still prevalent.

He issued the warning recently while receiving a report compiled by the District HIV/AIDS Awareness Committee.

During a baseline survey, about 5,523 people underwent HIV/AIDS testing including 3,436 females and 2087 males. Out of the number, 157 people tested HIV positive, implying 2.84 per cent.

Mr Machali advised those who test HIV negative to be vigilant against contracting the disease, urging those found to be HIV positive to immediately enrol themselves with an anti-retroviral therapy (ART) programme.

Tanzania has been one of the countries at the epicentre of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. The Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (THIS) 2016-2017 carried out by the Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) and Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC),   revealed that about five per cent of adults (15-64 years) were living with HIV.

It was also revealed that a large part of the adults –nearly 40 per cent were unaware of their positive status.

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