British Academy signs Arusha youth

THE Brooke House College Football Academy of Leicester has enrolled a 16 years old boy from Arusha, Yuri Willem Lems who undertakes a two-year scholarship in England.

Lems, a former student at the Braeburn International School of Kisongo, in Arusha, was attending the Future Stars Academy, a talent recruiting and sports training centre in the city.

Yuri holds record as top scorer during the East Africa Chipkiz Cup soccer tourney, that took place in Arusha, December, 2021.

He played five matches and scored 14 goals.

The Director of Future Academy, Alfred Itaeli said they recorded video clips of their best performing soccer students from the 2021 East African Soccer tourney.

“Yuri Willem’s works seem to have impressed the delegation from Brooke House College which visited the Future Stars Academy in July 2022,” said Itaeli.

Andy Turner, a former child prodigy who played for Tottenham Hotspurs in the premier league, was among the delegation which toured Arusha.

“We have introduced programmes through which soccer experts from overseas can come to Arusha and see for themselves the budding talents that Tanzania has to offer,” added the Future Stars Director.

During their visit, the Director of Partnerships at Brookehouse College in UK, Rachel Caine affirmed their intention to identify, recruit and train young footballers from Tanzania.

The aim is to ensure that the youth get to play for overseas teams in future. Yuri is the second student from Arusha to get the opportunity at the Brooke House College in England, the first was Sebastian Mbise who flew to Leicester in August 2021.

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