Breast cancer screening benefits Isles women

ZANZIBAR: RESIDENTS of Kiomba Mvua and Kama suburbs in Zanzibar have been advised to take advantage of an improved health services provided in their localities to attend regular health checks.

Various stakeholders including those in private sector, who have been supporting the government’s efforts to build healthy communities.

Such stakeholders include Zanzibar based Sea Cliff Resort, who over the weekend financed breast cancer screening test and awareness to the women residing in the Mangapwani area in Unguja North B District in Zanzibar.

The hotel’s the Assistant Manager, Monica Mgue has advised residents of Kiomba Mvua and Kama suburbs in Zanzibar to use the health services they are provided to build healthy communities in the areas.

Elaborating, she said the screening and health education that has been conducted in collaboration with the Zanzibar Outreach Programme (ZOP will enable them to raise awareness and self-diagnose about breast cancer, and seek appropriate treatment.

She said the management organised the screening exercise as part of events to mark World Breast Cancer Awareness Month and promised to support people diagnosed with breast cancer including metastatic breast cancer to ensure they are treated.

The hotel’s Conservation Manager, Zainab Othman stated that both the screening test and awareness exercises aimed to support the government’s commitment to provide health services to residents of all areas in Unguja and Pemba.

She said breast cancer is easily treated when diagnosed in its early stages, therefore she urged women in the Isles to have frequent examinations of their bodies and take note of any change when it occurs.

A doctor from the ZOP, Najma Yussuf Alawi, said the research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) has it was better for women to have breast cancer screening tests every month.

In order to take early precautions, the women in the Isles have been advised to minimize eating fatty cuisines and alcohol while she insisted on eating fruits and to bear not less than four children and breastfeed them properly.

The Kiomba Mvua residents who attended the screening test lauded the management of Sea Cliff Resort for providing the services free of charge and they added that they will use the health education they have received to conduct self-diagnose in their homes.

One of the residents, Mwema Maalim Mziwanda advised her fellow residents to seek appropriate medical services and not rush to the traditional healers when facing health complications.

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