Boxers in camp for All African Games

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Boxing Federation of Tanzania (BFT) has assembled 17 pugilists who are training hard ahead of the All-African Games, which will be held in Accra, Ghana in March of this year.

This will be the 13th edition of the contest, with over 24 different sporting disciplines expected to dominate at the event.

In his remarks yesterday in Dar es Salaam, BFT president Anderson Willilo said their goal is to send all 17 boxers to the upcoming continental showdown.

“We are sending both male (12) and female (5) pugilists. The team is currently undergoing an off-camping session as we await to establish a residential camp soon,” Willilo said.

He added that before heading to the All-African Games, they plan to organise a boxing event by inviting boxers from neighbouring countries for the final trial before the competition.

The BFT boss also revealed that renowned Tanzanian boxer Yusuf Changalawe is all set to take part in the Olympic qualifying competition, which will be held in Milan, Italy from March 4th to 11th this year.

“Yes, he will go for the Olympic qualifications, and the good thing is that he is currently in top form. Hopefully, he will qualify for the big event,” he said.

He also mentioned that they intend to send at least five boxers for another contest scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand from May 26th to June 6th this year.

“Our vision for 2024 is to enhance the reputation of boxing in the country by winning medals, and we aim to achieve that by performing well in the All-African Games. I am confident that we will do better,” he said.

He continued, “For a long time, we have come home empty-handed in various competitions we have participated in. This year, we want to change that by winning as many medals as possible and restoring our lost glory.

We also want to improve the skills of our coaches, referees, and judges so that their efficiency is enhanced,” he said, while revealing their plans to host a major coaching workshop in the country.”

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