Bolt warns drivers using illegal apps

Bolt has warned some drivers using fraudulently illegal applications to defraud customers by overcharging the trips.

Bolt Country Manager Charles Matondane said in Dar es Salaam said they are working with platform companies to ensure these illegal applications and the hacking of smartphones are eliminated to ensure their GPS data is not adjusted to inflate the price per trip.

“We would like to state that the use of any alternative application or patches by drivers in the market is unlawful and Bolt does not condone such behaviour,” Mr Matondane said over weekend.

Bolt boss said they will continue to report those incidents to the police and Land Transportation Control Authority (LATRA).

The complaints were rose by regular customers who noticed unusual price hike and notify the ride-hailing service provider.

On other hand, to enhance driver relations across the country, he said they are planning to open a Driver Engagement Centre in Dar es Salaam this month to address drivers’ concerns.

“We caution our drivers’ community to not transact or engage with any unauthorised agents or persons who purport to represent Bolt,” he said.

To enhance service delivery, Bolt said they continue to work closely with the LATRA to improve safety and standards in the ride-hailing market.

“We are encouraged by these interventions as it will improve ride-hailing across the country and also resolve issues affecting the driver and passenger community,’ he said.

Bolts currently operates in three cities, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Dodoma.

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