BMH, Kuwait cardiologists conduct medical camp for children

DODOMA: CARDIOLOGISTS at the Dodoma-based Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) are teaming up with their counterparts of Kuwait to conduct a medical camp for children with cardiovascular complications.

Head of the Hospital’s Communication and Public Relations Unit, Mr Jeremiah Mbwambo, noted here on Saturday that the five-day medical camp that began on Saturday would involve medication and free medical check-up for children aged 0 to 14.

“I call upon parents and guardians to bring their children with cardiovascular complications to BMH during the medical camp to commence tomorrow (today),” he said.

Mr Mbwambo said a team of 13 cardiologists from a Kuwait-based Children Heart Charity Association arrived on Friday ready to conduct a medical camp from Saturday, adding that it is the second joint medical camp with the cardiologists from the Middle East nation.

He mentioned symptoms of the children with cardiovascular complications who should be brought to the BMH during a medical camp as failure to gain weight, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, recurrent cough and exercise intolerance.

He said the main goal of the joint medical camp with Kuwait cardiologists is to help local cardiologists to borrow a leaf of experience from their counterparts of Kuwait.

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