Biteko to Artists: Advocate for unity

COASTAL REGION: DEPUTY Prime Minister Doto Biteko enlivened Bagamoyo’s 42nd International Arts and Culture Festival by stressing the importance of artists creating works that promote humanity, unity and love.

He made these remarks during the closing ceremony of the three-day festival held at the Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture aimed at preserving and celebrating the traditions, customs and culture.

The event commenced on October 26th and climaxed on Saturday evening. With vibrant performances by several artists, the 42nd Bagamoyo International Arts and Culture Festival ended on a high note. Various cultural and circus groups showcased mesmerising performances that engulfed audience at the Bagamoyo Institute of Arts and Culture (TaSUBa).

“As we celebrate the 42nd Bagamoyo International Arts and Culture Festival, let us all embrace the motto that works of art are works of honour. Creating art is a noble endeavour that requires attention and effort and the government has demonstrated its commitment to this cause under the leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan. “I would like to take this opportunity to urge all artists in the country to prioritise creating works of art that promote love for humanity, unity and fellowship between people.”

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasised the importance of preserving Tanzanian culture and traditions. He stated that artists have a responsibility to encourage the community to adhere to its values and cultures through their works of art. He also cautioned that if artists were to adopt the customs of other nations, it would eventually lead to the loss of Tanzania’s unique identity and heritage.

Therefore, he encouraged Tanzanian artists to create works of art that celebrate and maintain the country’s customs and traditions.

The festival also provided a platform for local artists to show case their talents and share their culture with a wider audience. The festival was a great success and was attended by thousands of locals and tourists alike.

The festival was filled with music, food and art. It was a huge success and was a great way to celebrate the local culture and community. Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye, attended the event and expressed the government’s commitment to supporting the arts and cultural sector.

He thanked the audience for their participation and support. He also encouraged them to continue to attend and support the festival in the future. Minister Nape further told the audience that the government has placed big plans for the festival highlighting that next year’s event will be even bigger than this year’s.

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