Biteko hypes new geo-innovation centre

DODOMA : DEPUTY Prime Minister, Dr Doto Biteko said that the geographical information available at the Tanzania National Geo-Innovation Centre (TNGC) will help the government simplify planning and implementation of various development activities in the country.

He said that 80 per cent of the geographical information used by the government to plan the development of the nation would come from the centre.

“We expect to have access to the population and housing census information, residential postcodes, social services, various election information, infrastructure construction information, disaster control and prevention information, environmental and resource protection, national security and revenue collection information that will help us to plan and ease implementation,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa in Dodoma on Saturday at the inauguration of the TNGC, Dr Biteko said that establishment of the centre is a continuation of the efforts taken by President Samia Suluhu Hassan to promote the use of technology.

“The establishment of TNGC is a continuation of President Samia’s various ac- tions to ensure we use technology to bring sustainable and innovative development, I believe the training provided here will close the gap in the shortage of experts specialising in technology services and those with a geographic information management profession,” he said.

He called on public institutions to use the facility to learn better geographic information management techniques and technology as the facility’s en- vironment allows them to do so.

For his part, Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Jerry Silaa said the launch of the TGNC aimed at building capacity to workers and Geographic Information Stakeholders is one of the major steps taken by the Sixth Phase Government to ensure it addresses the challenge of lack of modern technologies in access to geographical information and land management systems.

“The Ministry of Lands has been challenged by the lack of modern technology in access to geographical information and land management systems that led to a slowdown in planning, measuring, valu- ation and land ownership, the launch of this facility is a specific way to address these challenges,” he said.

Silaa called on the TNGC leadership to plan and have a vision to develop the centre so that it becomes the only geo- graphic innovation and management information institution in the country, saying that his ministry will continue to advise and nurture the centre so that it can meet the goals of its establishment.

For his part, the Korean Ambassador in the country, KIM Sun Pyo said that TNGC is an advanced geospatial training institute equipped with cutting-edge tools like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, Digital Photogrammetry Workstations (DPW) and es- sential Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment.

He noted that TGNC stands as a knowledge hub and symbol of growth since it will serve as an educational and technological nexus, promote innovation, empower individuals and advance land management practices as well as offering practical-focused training pro- grammes.

The establishment of TGNC is the result of invaluable support from the Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development and the Korea Land and Geospatial Informatics Corporation.

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