Biteko graces bank launching TRCS membership card

TANGA: The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr. Doto Biteko in Dodoma over the weekend graced the launch of the new electronic membership cards for the Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) through the National Bank of Commerce (NBC).

Recommending the bank for the initiative, while visiting the bank's booth at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Center in the city, where the 62nd anniversary celebrations of the TRCS were taking place, he noted that approach including the construction of water infrastructure in Tanga Region through a green bond facility was supporting the in the implementation of major national development projects.

Dr. Biteko said the effort of the bank including financial inclusion in the country is continuing with the government in developing diverse services aimed at empowering citizens and addressing the challenges they face.

“I commend NBC for these exemplary efforts, and my call to financial institutions is for them to collaborate with the government in the implementation of various projects, which seek to resolve the challenges confronting citizens, such as the construction of water infrastructure, as well as continuing to mobilise more citizens
into the formal financial services system,” he pointed out.

Speaking at the occasion, NBC Bank Central Zone Manager, Miraji Msuya said the collaboration between the bank and the TRCS, is driven by the shared commitment of the two institutions to volunteerism in supporting the community on various humanitarian issues, including the provision of diverse forms of assistance in response to the effects of various disasters affecting the nation.

He added: “It is due to the similarity in our intentions between NBC and TRCS in serving the community that is what you are witnessing today. In addition to being an important stakeholder, today NBC Bank is collaborating with TRCS to launch the new electronic membership cards for its members, which in addition to being Red Cross membership cards, also enable them to conduct various banking transactions.”

Elaborating on the benefits of the card to the members, Msuya said it is linked to a health insurance service for the members, which enables member(s) to be compensated in the event of disability or their family to be paid different amounts in the event of the members demise.

Additionally, this card enables the member(s) to pay membership fees, make various payments including for television subscriptions and for NBC Premier League matches," he pointed out.

The occasion was also attended by some senior government officials including ministers, leaders of the Red Cross Society led by its President, David Kihenzile, who is also the Deputy Minister of Transport, and the bank’s officials from the zone.

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