Bishop Shoo: Give chance to people with disability

KILIMANJARO: YOUTHS and young adults with disabilities need encouragement and support to become involved in all types of community activities so that they can contribute to their communities and enrich their own lives, a leader of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has appealed.

Bishop Glorious Shoo, the president of the New Life Foundation Tanzania, said here recently that people with disabilities have often been excluded from community development service which makes them fail to connect and feel part of the community.

“The government has already issued guidelines on how to serve and involve people with disabilities in developmental issues, but there are still areas that have not yet been worked on,” he said during a special concert which was organised by the institution for people with disabilities.

He cited such areas as buildings with no friendly facilities or infrastructure like ramps for disabled people. Due to this challenge, Bishop Shoo urged members of the community to involve people with disabilities in various developmental issues because they also have good things to contribute to the community.

Bishop Shoo said that the concert was organised by the New Life Foundation Tanzania in collaboration with the non-governmental organisation – Tim Tebow Foundation from the United States.

On his part, the New Life Foundation Tanzania’s Empowerment and Training Coordinator, Mr Gerald Simon said that the festival brought together people living in difficult environments and those with disabilities aged from 14 years and above.

“The festival has provided an opportunity for the community to identify the talents that many people living with disabilities have and the contributions that they can provide in the society as far as developmental issues are concerned,” he said.

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