Benefits of a relationship hiatus

Oftentimes, when a couple decides to take a break, people see their decision as the beginning of the end. However, a relationship hiatus can actually be a good thing.

In many instances, couples reunite with a newfound appreciation for one another and find that their relationship is much stronger than it was before the break. Here’s why:

It can give you a new perspective

Sometimes what we think we want isn’t actually what we want at all. You may think that you need a new partner but in reality, your significant other checks most of your boxes, and you just desire for them to invest more time and energy into the relationship.

The beauty of taking a relationship hiatus is that it gives you the time and space that you need to view your relationship from an outsider’s perspective without making the permanent decision to end things forever.

It can help you to gain clairty

Relationships are mad complicated. There are so many instances in which there’s simply no right answer. When you’re too close to a situation and emotions are running high, it can be difficult to think clearly about what is taking place and exactly how you’re feeling about a situation. Pressing pause on the relationship can give you time to breathe and attain clarity of mind without making hasty decisions.

It can offer a fresh start

When you’ve been together for a while, it can be difficult not to bring up the past. However, consistently rehashing past hurts can make it virtually impossible to move forward in a healthy way. By taking a break, you give you and your partner time to figure out whether or not you can truly get over what has happened. It can also give each of you time to figure out whether or not you’re both capable and ready for actual change.

It can give the relationship a new starting point

When in a long-term relationship, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years fairly quickly. However, when a relationship is in need of some serious repair, having a bright line or a new starting point can help to give the relationship a fresh start. For many couples who have separated and come back together, that date of reconciliation is recognized as an anniversary of sorts that marks the rest of their forever.

It’s easier to find yourself

It’s not uncommon to lose yourself in a relationship. Especially when you’ve been together for years. While it’s definitely possible to find yourself while together, it’s even easier to do so when you’ve had some time apart

You have time to miss each other

It’s true what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Spending time away from one another can, in some cases, help both parties to develop a greater appreciation for one another than they had previously. It can also help to rekindle a fizzling spark

You have time to test the waters

When some couples choose to take a break, it’s understood that each party will be seeing other people. While it sounds like a bad thing, seeing what’s out there can actually help you to develop a newfound appreciation for what you have.

You have the opportunity to date each other

Relationship breaks are not only good for testing the waters. They can also help you to date your partner in a way that you were not able to when you were officially together. Going on dates while separated can help you to re-see your partner.

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