Being a villager in China

TANZANIA: “BEFORE I didn’t know exactly what the Belt and Road Initiative was,” said Danni Luo, a 35-year-old Tanzanian.

“But after I came to China, I discovered this profound and ambitious initiative full of social, political and economic opportunities in the future was worth embracing.”

As he said this, he wore the long barrel rubber shoes in the green field, the turnip was at his feet, and the splendid and strong African-style wall paintings were on his back.

All these were his work achievements. Luo, whose original name was Daniel Samsoni Mwasongwe, an art teacher in Dar es Salaam was now making it to China for the third time this time as ‘resident’ in “ChinaAfrica Digital Village”.

Dreams and opportunities are the two key words Luo stated repeatedly throughout the interview that as a villager in China, we can feel the charm of sincerity.

“China-Africa Digital Village” is located in Huangshan Town, which is next to Yiwu City and Zhuji City. This village covering approximately 580 acres is planted with dozens of organic crops and close to a mountain that faces a water body.

In this village, African style wall paintings, ChinaAfrica integrated flavour restaurants and African-tribalstyle chieftain’s houses are everywhere, let alone coffee shops, tree house hotels under construction. The village is not officially open now, but guests all over the country have made Luo to feel the attraction of China’s rural cultural tourism.

People say Luo’s wall paintings of Tingatinga is impressive and inspiring, while some say they are willing to visit Tanzania Parks of Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Manyara and Mikumi Park to see magnificent wild animals especially lions, elephants, rhinoceros, buffaloes and leopards.

Also, Luo told journalists that Giraffe is the treasure of the country just as Panda animal in China. During the interview, Luo pointed out that Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the treasure of Tanzania; hence, they should spare time for climbing it. Generally, Luo has many friends in Yiwu city.

Some of them are studying at “the Belt and Road” International Medical School, Zhejiang University. Some run restaurants in Yiwu international Trade Mart. Among them, his closest companion is Linjuan Luo, nicknamed “African Mom”. Linjuan Luo is the earliest explorer to open up business in Africa.

She is very welcoming; thus, many Africans call her “African Mom”. In 2018, she invited Daniel to Yiwu to start his own business when she fells the broad prospects of cultural exchanges between China and Africa.

In 2019, the loss of his mother hit Daniel hard. Linjuan Luo told him:” I am ‘African Mom’, and you are African, so you can call me Mom.” Therefore, Daniel call Linjuan Luo mom and adopted a Chinese name Danni Luo. Now Daniel and Linjuan Luo are dreaming together in the “China-Africa Digital Village.” Every weekend they go to African Product Exhibition and Sales Centre in Yiwu International Trade Mart to sell wall paintings and make friends.

There are many videos documenting his daily life in Linjuan Luo’s social media platform. Standard pronunciation in Chinese and skilled field work makes him gain huge acclaim from netizens.

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