Behold! Sports makes sky-high leap under Samia

As President Samia Suluhu Hassan stamps two years in office, sports industry continue to blossom under her visionary leadership ranging from infrastructure development to good performance recorded at the battlefield.

Her unwavering support to all sport disciplines that the country accommodates is simply awesome and to a big extent, this has led to the growth of such sport activities giving the country good reputation in the process.

Many successful stories have been stamped under her two years tenure at the top office which include featuring of two Tanzania envoys Tembo Warriors and Serengeti Girls at world cup stages.

Tembo Warriors were deployed at the 2022 Amputee Football World Cup held in Turkey, the first ever for a Tanzanian side to compete at a world cup football contest for Amputees and this was highly necessitated by massive help from the current administration.

They overall did well at the finals due to the fact that the team was fully prepared including pitching a fruitful camp in Europe where they drilled themselves before heading to Turkey to engage in serious business.

Likewise, Serengeti Girls marched on to play at the 2022 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup staged in India making it the first time for the country’s representative to dine on the same pitch with decorated teams and players from all over the world.

The Girls side also staged remarkable performance simply because they were exposed to proper trainings both in the country and Europe a thing which was a driving force to their immense achievements.

Therefore, the success of these envoys at a world cup platform is an indicator that Samia’s reign has seen the importance of investing heavily in sports and the outcome of this good gesture is simply extraordinary.

As she continues to render necessary support to this important sector, it is evident that Tanzania teams are destined to achieve more this year to surpass last year’s stamped standards and this is going to come to pass due to the seriousness of the incumbent administration towards sports enhancement.

At club level, currently, Tanzania has two teams competing in group stage of CAF Interclub Games which are Simba and Young Africans, both looking sharp to go beyond the last 16 and reach into the next phase.

A big record is also close to be made in case the two giants qualify for the quarterfinals of their respective contests, a development which has never been cherished before.

An enabling environment set up by president Samia’s administration has made this feat possible hence football fraternity in the country have a chance to see best clubs which qualified to play in champions league and confederation cup descending on Tanzania soil to face the country’s giants.

In one way or the other, the coming in of teams from outside the country encourages sports diplomacy as people get opportunities to interact and share ideas a thing which is important in this current world.

Again, president Samia’s gesture to buy each goal scored by Simba and Yanga for 5m/- has accelerated hard working spirit among players as they want to score more goals to get more from the Head of State.

“What the president is doing shows that she follows the trend of out two big teams in CAF competitions, she wants our envoys to do well by going beyond the group stages and not all presidents do like what she is doing, she is therefore showing her passionate support to the two teams,” said Gerson Msigwa, Chief Government Spokesperson.

He is the one tasked to provide the sourced amount to the respective teams basing on the number of goals scored and he personally attend to all home matches hosted by the two envoys.

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