Befriend coursework, UE and GPA to pass with flying colours

DAR ES SAALAAM: THURSDAY, June 6th, 2024 will go in history as a day when hundreds of Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) students converged at one of the institution’s lecturing rooms to comprehend a topic on ‘life changing motivation speeches.’

They were all listening to different speakers at the institution deliberately to activate their learning culture and one of them was the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Mr Albert Chalamila, who shared some inspiring experiences to the upcoming graduands.

The venue was simply overcrowded with some students opting to follow the proceedings while standing as they never wanted to miss anything coming out from those who exchanged the podium to address the gathering.

Indeed, listening to motivation speeches from people who have made it big in life is exceptional bearing the fact that one has time to understand well their background and relate it to him or her where necessary.

In other words, it was food for thought session for those who attended the event and without doubt, most of them managed to grasp one or two aspects that will positively contribute to transform their lives.

As usual, university life is not easy for those who want to make the most of it as they are compelled to be in love with books, spending sleepless nights purposely to be able to pass with flying colors when all is done.

Someone once said, a school is like boarding a bus whereby you travel together but everyone has his or her dropping point and they alight upon reaching their destination while others proceeded the journey.

Another colourful part on the day was seeing different performances from students prior to the arrival of the guest of honour (Mr Chalamila )and this revealed the notion that learners are given opportunity to nurture their talents.

Even student comedians made people laugh courtesy of their interesting narratives that caught attention of attendees enabling them to plaster wide smiles on their faces.

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It is a fact that not everyone will make breakthrough in this life via books alone, others make bread and butter through the in-born talents they have singing, doing comedy and others.

In his welcoming remarks, DUCE Principal Prof Stephen Maluka commended Mr Chalamila for finding time out of his busy schedule to talk to the students and encourage them to deepen their hard working spirits.

“We are thankful for your historic visit because there is no other Regional Commissioner who came here specifically to address students as such, we appreciate for that. “We have every reason to wish President Samia Suluhu Hassan another five year term in office because her administration has given us 19bn/- to be used to develop our institution. “Firstly, we are going to construct two five-storey buildings whose construction procedures will begin soon…also, part of the money will be used to construct modern sports facilities.

“These facilities will be friendly to students with special needs so that they can too engage in different sporting activities without problems and also, we are going to have a modern swimming pool,” he said as students cheered in joy.

On his part, Temeke District Commissioner Mr Sixtus Mapunda who is a DUCE graduate assured the students that they can become anyone they want in life provided they work hard for it.

“Each one of you is unique and you should always remember that there is no simple way to succeess, hard work always pay as long as you remain dedicated to what you want to achieve,” he said.

The crowd made a loud applause when he revealed that he studied Political Science and Public Administration at the same institution some 22 years ago. In the same vein, Chalamila urged the learners to invest all their energy in studies as it is the only thing that brought them at the institution.

“You are here not by chance but rather for a particular purpose that you want to achieve, you have been systematically sampled and we assume that each of you is aware about his or her destiny. “They say you cannot be lost if you do not know where you are going and the concept of getting lost only comes if you know the place you want to go to,” he said.

Again, Chalamila noted that one of the setbacks most students face is that they do not live their real lives and instead, they copy other people’s lives a habit he said continue to exist even after completing their studies.

“Life out there is difficult…here is where you can create a good life for yourself and your families, if you misuse this opportunity, then things will be very tough for you. “Your first person you need to befriend with is coursework, the second one is University Examination (UE) and the third person is GPA…all these are very important throughout your studying period here,” he said.

Moreover, he seized the opportunity to urge students about the importance of creating their own employment opportunities other than waiting to be employed.

“The issue of job scarcity is being experienced all over the world as such, you should be thinking of how to empower yourself once you manage to graduate…try to think about any business idea and how to develop it while you are still studying,” he emphasized.

Immediately after his speech, a room was given for the learners to speak out on the challenges they face at the institution and relevant stakeholders responded on how best to address them.

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