Basata calls artists to extend hand to Hanang victims

DAR ES SALAAM: IN response to the tragic mudslide in Hanang District, the National Arts Council (Basata) is encouraging artists to make donations to help families. Basata’s Executive Secretary, Kedmon Mapana, conveyed his condolences to the people of Hanang and appealed to artists to come forward and support the victims.

He emphasised the need for everyone to join hands to help the Hanang community during this sad moment.

“As Basata, we convey our condolences to the people of Hanang. It’s such a tragedy that lots of our loved ones’ lives were lost during the mudflow and more were injured. The government and rescue forces have worked hard day and night to ensure they search for more victims and rescue them. “It is a heartfelt act if we all come together and aid the victims and their families for they have lost a lot. I, therefore, call for artists to join hands with the rest of Tanzanians to help the Hanang community in such a sad moment.”

Meanwhile, Basata has warned artists who do not comply with the laws and regulations governing the arts and entertainment sector. Mapana, during the interview, revealed that Basata would ban around 6000 artists who have not adhered to the rules.

He said the impending ban would include circus groups, music bands, promoters and other institutions that conduct business in the arts and entertainment sector. Mapana forewarned those who received a prior warning to show up and renew their permits by December 30th, or risk being banned or facing a penalty.

He urged artists who face challenges in meeting the registration requirements to seek better ways to comply and help the sector grow.

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