Barrick Bulyanhulu, employees sign collective bargain agreement

THE Barrick Bulyanhulu Gold Mine has signed a collective bargaining agreement with its employees to improve the interests of Barrick employees by giving them their entitlements and benefits after retirement and incentive funds for the education of their children.

Speaking at the event, the Secretary General of the Association of Mining, Energy and Construction and Allied Workers Union (TAMICO), Mr Paternus Rwechungura said that the agreement has come after long discussions between the management of the mine and TAMICO.

Mr Rwechungura said that he is pleased to see that the management of the Mine has seen the importance of this agreement which will significantly increase work morale due to the promotion of good work relations.

The General Manager of the Mine, Cheick Sangare, said that the signing of the agreement is a vivid example that the mine is going to work on the agreement, in accordance with the law while asking the workers to fulfill their responsibilities.

“We have agreed with both parties to advance interests, something that we will consider and from you employees, we expect to see that you double your efforts and creativity in work so that we all get mutual benefits in production,” he said.

On his part, the Kahama District Commissioner, Mr Festo Kiswaga commended the Mine for signing the agreement that will also increase workers’ remuneration which in turn will increase government’s income through the Pay as You Earn.

Mr Kiswaga used the opportunity to urge the workers to double their efforts in production to increase the gold mining output and boost sales volume.

The event was also witnessed by the Assistant Labor Commissioner, Mr Andrew Mwalwisi from the Prime Minister’s Office, Labour, Youth, Employment and the Disabled, who urged all employers in the country to consider paying the new wage rates including the minimum wage as announced by the government.

He said that the minimum wage has increased but there has been a tendency of some employers in private and public companies in the country to ignore the legal requirement to pay the levels directed by the government.

The chairman of the Bulyanhulu Mine TAMICO branch, Mr Maghembe Malimi praised the move and promised that the workers are ready to continue working hard to increase production in the Mine.

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