Azania Bank launches ‘Tap & Go’ contactless payments for customers

Azania Bank customers no longer need to carry wads of cash as the bank launched ‘Tap & Go’ mobile-based contactless payments in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday in yet another milestone in promotion of mobile finance and digital payment fronts.

With Azania Tap & Go service customer will be able make payments by simply tapping a Visa, UnionPay, Mastercard or Umoja card at POS (Point of Sale) machines that has been distributed by the bank to various outlets such as supermarkets, hotels, entertainment areas, hospitals and fuel stations.

Through this service, the card holder will now not need to carry cash and business people, owners and managers of business places will avoid receiving cash and instead payments will go directly to a bank account thuis guaranteeing safety of money.

Bank’s Digital Banking Services Manager Mr. Vinesh Davda said that customers of any bank with Visa, UnionPay, Mastercard or Umoja cards could also use tap & go contactless payments for financial transactions in shops and supermarkets that will have special POS (Point of Sale) machines.

“In continuing to care for our customers and Tanzanians in general by supporting us for 27 years, we have ensured that they continue to enjoy all our services, including digital banking, using their cards,” said Mr. Davda.

“Our bank has invested in modern technology, our banking technology system is more modern and it is what enabled us to connect with this service easily and those who own Bank cards will now be able to make payments using their cards by just tapping your card to the PoS machine and already the transaction will be completed”.

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