Avoid using illicit drugs, GCLA urges chemicals transporters

DRIVERS transporting dangerous chemicals have been warned against using illicit drugs to avoid road accidents that could cause serious effects as a result of chemicals.

The warning was issued yesterday by Director of Product and Environmental Analysis at the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA), Mr Sabanitho Mtega when he was closing a two-day training workshop in Dar es Salaam for drivers from the Golden Coach Company.

“Since the youth is the country’s labour force, the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority has seen it important to organise this training for drivers who transport hazardous chemicals. We urge drivers across the country to refrain from using alcoholic drinks while driving because it’s very dangerous,” Mr Mtega asked.

The director added that the use of illicit drugs affects the brain and visual ability, something which can make a driver unable to take immediate precaution, hence may lead to accidents that cause damage on properties, environment and even loss of lives.

Mr Mtega appealed to owners of companies that transport hazardous chemicals to continue providing education to their drivers over safe transportation of dangerous chemicals.

On his part, Mr Saidi Kisindula, a driver from the Golden Coach Company, said the GCLA’s training would help them change positively and ensure that they use the knowledge to improve their conduct.

He promised that they would spread the knowledge to their fellow drivers who transport such chemicals.

The targeted drivers are those who transport chemicals such as Sulphur, ammonium among others.


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