ASSESSMENT EXAMS: Schools perform high

TANZANIA: THE National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) on Sunday announced results for Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA) and Form Two National Assessment (FTNA), indicating that 98.3 per cent of Primary Schools and 99.45 per cent of Secondary Schools respectively performed well.

The results show that 18,939 out of 19,264 Primary Schools as well as 5,485 out of 5,515 Secondary Schools have passed with an average Grade from A-D.

This is an increase of 0.04 per cent in pass rate for Standard Four and 0.62 per cent for Form Two compared to 2022 exams result.

NECTA Executive Secretary, Dr Said Ally Mohamed, told journalists that a total of 1,287,934 students out of 1,545,330 estimated as 83.34 per cent who sat for SFNA have passed, which is an increase of 0.39 compared to 1,320,700 (82.95 per cent) students passed in 2022.

Therefore, 681,259 girls equivalent to 84.79 per cent and 606,675 boys- equivalent to 81.78 per cent have succeeded and will continue to Standard Five. Statistics show that girls have passed more than boys.

The NECTA boss said that a total of 592,741 out of 694,769 equivalent to 85.31 per cent who sat for FTNA have passed which is an increase of 0.13 compared to 539,645 (85.18 per cent) passed in 2022, hence 53,096 students equivalent to 87.28 per cent have succeeded to proceed to Form Three.

Out of the total, 314,949 girls (83.66 per cent) and 277,792 boys (87.28 per cent) have succeeded to continue to Form Three. Statistics show that boys have outperformed girls.

However, Dr Mohamed said that in Standard Four exams, Science and Technology subject has a pass rate of 86.86 per cent, Mathematics subject (54.00 per cent).

The pass rate in Science and Technology subject has increased by 3.67 per cent and Mathematics by 4.30 per cent compared to 2022.

“Girls have passed more than boys in Science and Technology subject by 1.63 per cent while in Mathematics subject boys have outperformed girls whereby 55.40 per cent of boys passed while 52. 70  per cent of girls passed,” he noted.

Speaking on the Form Two subjects pass rate, Dr Mohamed said that Biology, Engineering Science, Information and Computer Studies, Mathematics and Home Economics subjects have pass rates between the average of 55.74 per cent and 70.29 per cent.

“Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Basic Mathematics subjects have pass rates between the average of 19.06 and 39.24 per cent… However, the pass rate of Physics, Agriculture and Basic Mathematics subjects has increased between 0.85 to 4.52 per cent while the pass rate in Chemistry has dropped by 5.29 per cent compared to 2022,” Dr Mohamed noted.

Moreover, he said that NECTA canceled all the results of 178 students who cheated and three who wrote insults in their answer sheets in Standard Four exams.

The authority has also cancelled all the results of 28 students who cheated and 14 who wrote insults in their answer sheets in Form Two exams.

The results have been cancelled following Article 5 (2) (j) of the NECTA law chapter 107 with Article 30(2) (b) 2016 of the Examination Regulations.

On the other hand, NECTA commended the Regional, District and City Examinations committee, Head of schools, Invigilators and Correctors for the great and good work they did in carrying out the responsibility of the testing operation.

Similarly, NECTA commended all students who sat for SFNA and FTNA for being calm and following the examination procedures throughout the examination period.

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