Arusha youth set for six-nation tennis series

YOUNG Tanzanian tennis star, Shana Mao from the Gymkhana Club of Arusha, will represent the country in the six tennis tournament series in Kenya, Rwanda and Namibia.

“I have plenty of confidence, having been preparing for a number of tournaments in January and February 2023,” Shana said.

She kicks off the tennis tour with the J30 Windhoek Under-18 Junior Tournament to be held in the Namibian capital Windhoek from March 27th and April 8th this year.

She said the tournament comes in two installments with the first starting on March 27th this year and the second starting on April 3th this year..

From Namibia Shana will fly to Kigali, where she will participate in the Rwandan segment of the tennis series to be known as J30 Kigali from April 24th to May 5th this year.

The first even will start on April 24th to 28th with the second one following on Mayday to May 5, 2023.

After the Kigali Tennis Tour, Shana will fly to Nairobi for the Kenyan entry of the J30 Tennis series.

The J30 Nairobi series will from May 8th to 19th this year.

Nicholas Leringa is the Gymkhana Club’s Tennis Coach and Shana mentor who also accompanies the girl.

He said while there are many promising youthful tennis players, lack of sponsors stifle their development.

“Shana has a supporter, that is why she can afford to play in international events and venues,” Leringa said.

According to the Coach, from the number of competitions and tournaments that she has been participating, Shana is among the top ranked tennis players.

Leringa believes that with the new leadership at Tanzania Tennis Association, the officials will work hard to ensure there are more young players from Tanzania.

Apparently, this is the final year for Shana Mao who is currently aged 17, to play in the Under-18 tennis tournaments.

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