Devotha Mayunga Secures jobs for 50 youth in careers

TANZANIA: As the government continues with its efforts of empowering the youth and opening more doors for employment and self-employment, a self-employed artist, Devotha Mayunga has managed to secure a job for over 50 youth through acting career.

In the course, they have been granted an opportunity to act in a series called “Toboatoba’ that is being directed produced and directed by Ms Devotha.

Elaborating on the production of the series, Ms Devotha said that the number of casts is 44 and 18, where other people who will be dealing with other production areas for the completion of the series.

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Commenting on foreign market in the acting sector, she noted that despite the challenges of high competition, she is ready to produce a quality work that will take her to the world.

“There issue of equipment and experts is not a problem for me, all that is set,” she noted.

One of the sectors that has managed to enable the youth and many others to get employment globally and manage their lives is the acting career, where people of different talents earn a living through it.

For this reason, presenting the budget’s ministry on Thursday, the Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports said the government has allocated a significant budget of 3bn/- for the Culture and Arts Fund in the 2024/25 fiscal year.

Moreover, in July last year, the government in collaboration with the CRDB bank offered low interest rate loans to local artists from the Culture and Arts Fund.

The agreement provided the loans at 9.0 per cent interest rate.

The fund had so far dished out 1.077bn/- loans to artists since it opened the loan window last December.

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