ARI embarks on nutritional awareness campaign

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) has embarked on a nutritional awareness campaign to promote good health among islanders, the House of Representatives was told here yesterday.

Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock Minister Shamata Shaame Khamis told the house that the institute through its food science and nutrition unit educates the public on the importance of nutritious food for good health.

Answering a question from Mwanakwerekwe Representative Ameir Abdalla Ameir who wanted to know any plan by the institute to educate the public on nutrition, Minister Shamata said ZARI provides training on nutritious potatoes, cassava processing, the benefits of vegetables and value addition to agricultural produce.

The minister said ZARI works with various stakeholders through groups of farmers, researchers, extension officers, producers, processors and wananchi in general whom it meets at meetings and exhibitions.

He said the institute is determined to reach more people through the media, village meetings and guidelines on farm produce processing. And, the government through agriculture and food security department provides education on food production, preparation and consumption.

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