App for water resources data collection launched

LAKE Victoria Basin Water Board (LVBWB) has launched a modern digital system known as ” Ziwa Letu Data App”, which will be used for collecting accurate water resources data.

The 10m/- modern digital system was launched here yesterday, by the Acting Mwanza Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Mr Daniel Machunda.

The event went along with the provision of awareness training to 37 measurement readers so as to enable them carry out their duties effectively.

The LVBWB Director Mr Renatus Shinhu said the system has been launched to address the challenge of not getting accurate water resources data on time.

“Those datas are crucial in determining the water situation including its quality and quantity in the Lake and other various water sources in order to have a better plan for water consumption,” he explained.

He said the water basin  has a total of 184 data centres and the water board management is continuing to renovate and improve the water centre with modern infrastructure.

“We are currently facing the challenges of  damaged data collection infrastructure,” he said, noting that his office has continued to address the matter by investing and improving data collection so as to reduce statistical errors.

For her part, the Head of the ground water and safety unit, Ms Rosemary Maskini, said the system will help the board workers to get the daily accurate data from measurement readers unlike in the previous years when they were getting those figures at the end of every month.

She said it will help them in making accurate water allocation decisions to be used by data readers and enable the basin management to have accurate data at all times.

“This system will also help us to reduce costs, were incurring and give us an accurate data,” she said

For his part, the acting RAS Mr Daniel Machunda instructed the LVBWB management to visit schools and educate students on the importance of protecting and maintaining water sources and how to use water properly so that they know the importance of the water resources available in the Lake Victoria Basin and other water sources.

“The main development driver in our region is the water resources available in the Lake Victoria Basin, so everyone should recognise the importance of protecting this precious liquid and protecting our water sources,”he said.

He said the government has provided an impetus in protecting water sources and environmental issues, explaining that recently the Vice President Dr Philp Mpango on his official tour in the region, among other directives, he instructed the regional administration to ensure tree are planted in all areas including environmentally-friendly trees to protect water sources.

“We have received the instructions and we will make sure we work hard to ensure that we plant enough trees in our region,” he said.

He said the government recognises and appreciates the hard work done by data readers that help make decisions about the use of water resources in the Lake Victoria Basin.

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