Anti-corruption watchdog saves 3.24bn/- in Dar

TANZANIA: THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has saved a total of 3.24bn/- in Dar es Salaam City Council, the watchdog’s latest report reveals.

The amount was collected from various sources but was not deposited to respective financial institutions according to the law.

Presenting the quarterly report for the period ended September, 2023, the PCCB’s Ilala Regional Bureau Chief Sosthenes Kibwengo issued a stern warning to pseudo-officials who tend to spend raw incomes.

According to the anti-corruption watchdog official, a total of 11 development projects worth 10.45bn/- were put on scrutiny to find out if there was misuse, misappropriation or delay of funds.

Areas of focus, according to Chief Kibwengo, were education, construction and roads.

“We have uncovered various shortcomings, including failure to adhere to contracts specifically in construction projects and forgeries,” he told reporters.

He added that the PCCB launched an investigation on 80m/- Kidole Primary School project.

The PCCB also learned that not all withholding tax are being submitted to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

The report added the withholding tax was not timely submitted to the taxman.

The Bureau Chief added that PCCB’s analysis has it that Ilala failed to collect enough due to the misleading traders’ portfolio records.

In the period between July to September, PCCB in Ilala received a total of 118 enquiries, of which 74 were related to corruption and 44 others didn’t qualify.

He said PCCB worked on the matters relating to corruption according to the laws of the land by investigating and filing cases.

Apart from the procedures, Mr Kibwengo said PCCB in the region is throwing its weight behind public awareness campaigns in schools and sports and other areas as a strategy to educate the public on corruption.

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