Analysts thumb up revolution strides

DAR ES SALAAM: ANALYSTS have said that Zanzibar revolution has helped the Isles to turn challenges into opportunities and believe in possibilities for further improvements to transform the archipelago.

They   also said that the revolution’s sustainability relies on the strength of the union, calling upon both parties to cherish it.

Zanzibar marked 60 years of glorious revolution this week, with President Hussein Mwinyi saying that the time has been of huge success.

Dr Mwinyi said that Zanzibar has recorded tremendous success in various sectors, including trade, tourism, fisheries, transport and in almost all social sectors, citing education, health, water and electricity.

A renowned International Law expert and Political Analyst,  lecturing  at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) , Professor Khoti Kamanga told the ‘Sunday News, yesterday that the revolution enabled Zanzibar to make full utilisation of its resources including water through the blue economy.

He said during colonial era the resources were under-utilised at the expense of natives’ wellbeing.

Prof Kamanga said ever since the revolution, Zanzibar has been turning challenges into opportunities such as constructing ports to facilitate trade and the blue economy which offers employment opportunities and revenues.

“The revolution has brought independent thinking to Zanzibaris for them to believe in possibilities,” Prof Kamanga said.

He noted that Zanzibar has successfully modernised its town to facilitate trade and tourism, all intending to uplift the Isles’ economy in general.

Politically, he said the isles earlier adopted the bill of rights in upholding human rights and democracy.

Also, he said today Zanzibaris foster peaceful coexistence through the Government of National Unity (GNU) which bolsters political stability.

In another development, the Mwanza- based Political Analyst, Mr Hamiduni Maliseli reminded that Zanzibar, like many other countries in the continent, experienced colonial oppression and racial discrimination which were ended by the revolution “the new dawn” he said.

Mr Maliseli said the revolution brought Zanzibaris freedom, enabling them to enjoy human rights including equitable distribution of economic resources as they fight poverty.

He said the Isles has succeeded to strengthen provision of social services such as  water, education, electricity health services  to all people unlike during colonial era when natives were segregated.

Economically, he said the island experiences a booming real estate industry with an increase of hotels that indicate future lasting development of tourism and business sectors.

However, he said sustainability of the Zanzibar revolution relies on strong union, urging all parties of the Union to cherish it.

An Economist, Dr Isaac Safari of the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), said Zanzibar has achieved great economic progress in 60 years by looking at the ability of individual people to access opportunities.

He said diversified economic production including farming, fishing, trade, tourism and the entire blue economy under President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi offer opportunities for every Zanzibaris to earn a living.

“The future of Zanzibar economy is promising,” he said.

Dr Safari commended President, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi commitment in putting in place necessary infrastructure for people’s economic development such as roads, schools and electricity while attracting local and foreign investment.

Historically, the Zanzibar Revolution occurred on January 12, 1964 when the majority Black African population through the Afro-shirazi Party led by Mr Abeid Amani Karume overthrew the Sultan of Zanzibar and his mainly Arab government at the island.

Meanwhile, Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Jacob John Mkunda, and other leaders later on Friday congratulated Zanzibar’s President Hussein Ali Mwinyi following successful celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the 1964 revolution.

“Congratulations Mr President for the well-organised celebrations,” General Mkunda told Dr Mwinyi when he paid a courtesy call to the President at the State House after the January 12, 2024 celebrations held at the New Amaan Complex.

Dr Mwinyi also thanked Mkunda and the TPDF for successfully organising the parade and the military showcase at the stadium, assuring the army of the governmentcontinued cooperation so that it continues maintaining peace and stability.

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