Analysts: Samia Türkiye trip brings much to explore

TANZANIA: ECONOMIC players and academicians have said Tanzania has more opportunities to explore from Türkiye considering its socio-economic and technological developments.

In order to accelerate the country’s export to the G20s member country, they said Tanzania should maximise production of value-added products and intensify investment in research and innovation while enhancing human capital.

Academician, Mr Ali Mohammed who doubles as a board member of SETA – an association of Tanzania’s alumni who acquired education in Türkiye, said that the European nation has much advanced in terms of education due to presence of over 400 universities with world class standards. In that regard, he said Tanzania can borrow a leaf from Türkiye education system, to spur innovation through strengthened universities teaching standards by encompassing creativity.

Mr Mohammed made his comments in a televised programme by TBC1 television pertaining to President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan’s state visit to Türkiye that started on April 17 and concluded on Sunday.

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On boosting economic growth, he said Tanzania can emulate Türkiye economic policy, which emphasises on maximum exploitation of natural resource through value addition.

“For many years Türkiye has been exploiting its resource to sustain economic development. Türkiye extracts coal and uses it fully to generate electricity,” he pointed out. Also, he said Türkiye enhances innovation through intensive investment in researches. “I can assure you that Türkiye technological development is centered on researches. For instance, Türkiye produces sugar without sugarcane. Tanzania has a lot to learn from its counterpart,” Mr Mohammed said.

For his part, Chairperson of Kariakoo Market’s Traders Association, Mr Martin Mbwana commended President Dr Samia for including traders and investors in her list of delegation to Türkiye in order to enable them network and explore various potential economic opportunities.

An entrepreneur Mr Safari Fungo said the visit acts as the best platform for Tanzania’s traders and investors to learn from Türkiye, especially on upgrading standards of their goods and services referring to the fact that the country is much more industrialised.

He said that local investors should use the visit to impart technologies which can catalyse the entire production value chain.

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“Globally, many countries which produce high standard goods have competitive advantage,” he said.

A Clothes’ retailer in Dar es Salaam, Ms Glory Samwel said the President’s visit to Türkiye heightened people- to- people relation among the two countries, apart from deepening the bilateral cooperation.

“Currently, Türkiye is like our home country, we have a profound mutual relation with Turkish traders, we do business with them frequently,” she said. An Electronic devices’ retailer, Mr Hashim Hamidu appreciated President Samia’s relentless efforts of opening up the country through diplomatic visits, which enables retailers to explore new avenues of importing goods including electronic devices and access to markets as well.

Furthermore, he appreciated President Dr Samia for being awarded an Honourary Doctorate in Economics by the Ankara University, saying such an academic recognition signals the Head of the State’s unwavering commitment on embracing economic bilateralism and multilateralism.

The economic diplomacy expert, Professor Kitojo Wetengere based at the University of Arusha in an interview with the ‘Daily News’ said the State visit to Türkiye acts as the blueprint for attracting Turkish industrialists, technologies and tourists in Tanzania.

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