Analysts describe Harris’s visit as gesture to Samia’s 4Rs philosophy

POLITICAL analysts view the visit by US Vice-President Kamala Harris to Tanzania as a further step in recognising President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s 4Rs philosophy in promoting democracy and good governance.

They said President Samia walks the talk in unifying the country as well as promoting multilateral cooperation through her philosophy.

The 4Rs stands for Reconciliation, Resilience, Reforms and Rebuilding and serve as a necessary tool in addressing the contemporary issues affecting the country’s social, political and economic systems.

The commentators made the statements ahead of Ms Harris’s three-day official visit to Tanzania that kicks off today.

university of Dodoma Lecturer, Dr Paul Loisulie told the ‘Daily News’ that Dr Samia’s initiatives since she assumed the presidential role have to large extent strengthened democracy and rule of law.

He was optimistic that the US is impressed with President Samia’s leadership as a result of paying a visit to the East African country, given the long standing bilateral ties that the two countries enjoy.

“Dr Samia has shown us how innovative she is, by coming up with a philosophy that works in all aspects,” he said.

Adding; “Through the implementation of this philosophy, we are now seeing mutual understanding among Tanzanians and resumption of political rallies that had stopped for a long time,” he said.

His views are in support with the comments by an expert on economic diplomacy, Prof Kitojo Wetengere, who sees the visit by the US Vice-President as a sign of trust on Tanzanian economic and political aspects.

He said US views Tanzania as a proper partner based on the latter’s convincing power among African countries.

“Tanzania is trusted by many African countries based on its history and contributions during post-independence struggles,” said Prof Wetengere.

More so, the visit will cement further the existing bilateral ties through which Tanzania is now implementing economic diplomacy policy for the sake of enhancing the economy through multilateral cooperation.

For his part, an economist-cum-investment banker, Dr Hildebrand Shayo said Kamala Harris’s visit to Tanzania is timely and it confirms to the Tanzanian people that the USA under the leadership of President Joe Biden is a close ally.

He said the visit is set to further strengthen the long important relationship and friendship between the people of the United States and Tanzanians.

“This visit undoubtedly will cement and promote economic growth between these two nations,” noted Dr Shayo.

He went on to explain that in leadership, Tanzania has continued to flourish. It remains a vivid example of what democracy and open markets can do for a nation that is determined.

“Tanzanians are enjoying an independent judiciary, a lively Parliament and a thriving civil society. The United States needs strong partners like Tanzania,” he said

Speaking at the opening of the conference on the State of Multiparty Democracy in Dodoma in December last year, President Samia said one of her responsibilities as Head of State was to unite the nation in order to maintain peace, unity and harmony.

She called upon political parties to strengthen democracy and conduct civilized politics.

Ms Harris and her delegation will land in Tanzania from Ghana where she arrived on March 25 this year. the US Vice President will be in Africa until April 2.

Apart from Tanzania and Ghana, Ms Harris will visit Zambia. Throughout her trip to Africa, the US leader will be discussing regional and global priorities, including shared commitment to democracy, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and food security, among others.

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