AMDT educates farmers on proper irrigation to up production

IN bid to support President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts to bring reforms in agriculture, the Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT) has continued to provide education on proper irrigation system to increase production.

The AMDT has also advised farmers to reduce dependence on rain-fed agriculture, instead they should embrace dry farming.

The advice was made on Saturday by AMDT Chief Executive Officer, Mr  Charles Ogutu,  when visited the demonstration farm of beans  in Londoto village , Simanjiro  district, Manyara Region.

Mr Ogutu said farmers have been missing out the opportunity to double their income especially in the dry season due to engaging in the agriculture which depends on rain.

“We will continue to provide education on better irrigation procedure through demonstration farms provided by various research institutes for quality seeds and to improve the cultivation of crops in the country,” Mr Ogutu emphasised.

Adding:” the purpose of providing education to the farmers of beans and sunflowers crops is to ensure that the farmers are able to cultivate at least two times in a year, and be able to increase their income and ensure reliable food throughout the year.”

For his part, Ward’s Agriculture Officer, Charles Ndalechi said previously before training, beans farmers used to harvest three to five bags but now they can harvest between eight and 10 bags in two seasons in a year.

“This positive result has been brought by the response of the farmers in cultivating the crops by using the quality seeds and the correct use of pesticides as well as correct methods of irrigation farming after being trained by the Beula Institute,” he added.

Mr Fadhili Seif, one of beneficiaries of the training who engaged in the cultivation of beans at Londoto village, Simanjiro District, in Manyara region, said the training helped him to raise income.

“We believe that this training will increase the income of individual farmers and ensure food security in the country due to the good production of crops resulting from the quality seeds used in our agriculture in this country,” he said.

He also implored the government to help them deal with pests and diseases that harm plants by reducing the amount of pesticides, as they are currently available at a high price that they cannot afford to buy pesticides.

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