Amb Kairuki issues travel advisory to Hong Kong

TANZANIANS travelling to Hong Kong have been advised to ensure they have all the necessary documents and avoid carrying illegal items or products.

Issuing the travel advisory over the weekend, Tanzanian Ambassador to China, Mr Mbelwa Kairuki, said it has come to the Embassy’s attention that Tanzanians arriving at Hong Kong have been subjected to deep and heavy security checks.

According to a statement released on Sunday, Amb Kairuki insisted on Tanzanians to avoid carrying illegal items, since such malpractice tarnishes image of the country and affects other Tanzanians who would like to get into Hong Kong.

Amb Kairuki said that Tanzanians who travel to Hong Kong have been stopped from entering or questioned for a long time by immigration officers at the Hong Kong airport

He noted in the statement that the situation came in recent period, since Hong Kong opened its borders to allow foreigners to entre the country after three years of entry ban due to the control of Covid-19 pandemic.

Adding, he said, the actions of the Hong Kong authorities are based on past events, where few people who were holding Tanzanian passports committed illegal acts.

“On March 30th, this year, the Embassy contacted the Hong Kong Authorities and explained its disappointment with the action taken by the Hong Kong Immigration officers to every Tanzanian passport holder, for being interviewed for long time while some few were deported…

“The Hong Kong authorities responded to us on May 3rd this year, that their officials were working professionally and according to the law, while urging travellers to ensure they have all the necessary documents,” he quoted the authorities as saying.

On the other hand, Amb Kairuki advised Tanzanians who are going to China (Mainland) fly direct to Chinese cities to avoid inconvenience of entering through Hong Kong.

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